We spent the rest of the day in Munich.  The city had so much history.  First stop was the Glauchinspiel…my spelling might be a little off there. But was the most awe-inspiring building i’ve seen yet.




Next stop was the Hofbrauhaus. A famous bar that once held speeches by Hitler…and was used regularly by the Nazi party.


Probably the funniest part of the day was Derek Gingera getting absolutely scared s#@*less by a man acting as a statue



We went inside for a few cold ones but I won’t bore you with the details…we’ll leave that part out.  Next we decided to head up this church tower…little did we know that there would be 2500 stairs to climb (I’m ball parking that number).  Got some pretty cool pics though.




After the unexpected workout, we walked around Munich for a few hours…grabbing some little gifts for the families.

Long day, the feet are sore and the brain is fried. One of the best days of the trip though.

Gute Nacht!



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