Last But Not Least

The Castleton hockey team finished up their set of games tonight versus the local team of Kitzbuhel. The team put together an amazing three periods of hockey and were able to come out with a convincing win. Dan Bell led the way with five points. Freshman Michael Restuccia scored his first ever goals for Castleton hockey tonight with two beauties. Sophomore Brian Greene also contributed to the offense with his first goal. Finally, freshman Jake Stafford had twenty saves in the net for his second win of the trip.

As coaches, we have talked about how we wanted the team to progress and improve each and every game. We looked at these games as a chance to evaluate our team at the current time and also as a chance to better our play at every level.

This game was the culmination of hard work and a good work ethic. Every part of our game was firing on all cylinders. Each player had his best game of the trip and we were able to see the potential that our team possesses. This game excited us and we look forward to the beginning of our season with high aspirations.

The guys played with class and represented the Castleton community very well and as expected.

Everyone is looking forward to a couple of days away from the rink as we travel Munich Germany tomorrow where we will first visit Dachau; a concentration camp from WWII. This is sure to be a meaningful and eye opening trip for our team.

Thanks again for following along, we all appreciate the support!




3 responses to “Last But Not Least

  1. Congrats on your most recent win! You certainly have represented Castleton and it’s fans extremely well! I’m sure you will enjoy Munich and Dachau will definitely be a learning experience. We can’t wait to hear more about your trip when you return.

  2. Congrats to the coaches and players!! A sincere thank you for your fabulous blog, it really kept us up to date..almost like we were there..Enjoy the rest of the trip guys!!

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