Day Three!

We’re in the unreal town of Kitzbühel.  It’s a little town surrounded by mountains.  With a surreal view of the Alps.


We walked around the town for a few hours…quickly learning that this was a high class establishment. Just ask Tyler Gaudry who caught a glimpse of a €300 hoodie.


Well, we thought it couldn’t get any better than Kitzbühel, but Kufstein was something else. The facility we played in was a semi-outdoor rink.


That had a view of this on the open-side


Not saying we didn’t get distracted by that during the game.  Jake Stafford, who recorded his first shutout in his first game, might have taken in this view a lot as the play was pretty one-sided in our 14-0 win. But back to the city, just another Austrian town with such rich history and culture, especially the castle, which was totally open to the public.  One thing that should not be allowed is 28 hockey players to roam free in a full castle to play.  We had some fun…I’ll leave it at that. My camera died so I didn’t get any pics of the castle. Check out the tweets and other blogs for pics.

Gute Nacht!


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