T-Minus 2 Days!

Following our final practice this evening before heading to Europe, the reality that our Europe trip is actually happening finally set in. It seems as though we have been talking and making preparations for this trip forever, it felt as though we may never actually get to take the trip. As the guys all came into the locker room following the practice, the excitement of the trip was definitely evident in every player.

Tomorrow is our last day to make the final preparations before we all head out. We head to the rink to pack up our bags. All the guys are hoping they can keep the weight of their hockey bags under 50 lbs so they don’t have to pay extra money. Hopefully, the hockey bags are stored far away from the passengers on the plane, because the smell of those things for the duration of a 6 hour flight would not be enjoyable for anyone.

Coach Bianchini pointed out in his earlier blog our emphasis on “tradition,” as we were preparing in this evenings practice. As I pointed out to him that he was changing our regular way of doing things, he suggested maybe its time to change, we have yet to be winners when it counts the most. After reflecting on that I have come to realize he makes a very good point. Our team needs to make changes if we want to hoist the NCAA trophy come March. We have made our theme this year, Championship Mentality. So make no mistake as we prepare ourselves to board the plane come Friday evening, every player intends to use our Europe trip as our first stepping stone to our NCAA aspirations.

Keep checking in, before we leave I hope to have some player interviews about the Europe trip!


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