What a great event Tuesay night!  The Iron Lantern hosted the Castleton Men’s Hockey team in the “First Annual Soiree.”  With the best bartender in the state, Castleton President Dave Wolk! As well as the best live music, that was provided by Professor Robert Wuagneux. The Iron Lantern volunteered their facility and cooking skills, the result was that everywhere you turned you encountered a friendly face offering great food, drink, and music!  The men’s hockey team provided the service and eagerly shared their excitement for the upcoming trip to Austria.

Seeing all of the excitement from our players, friends, family, and fans my excitement has now peaked and the anticipation is killing me.  I cannot wait to expose Austria to this team and I cannot wait to see Austria’s reaction to this group of Spartans.  However, I am very excited to get back and share all of the experiences that we are about to have with the wonderful, friends, family, and fans that helped make last night such a success.

With a huge thanks to the Iron Lantern, President Wolk, Professor Wuagneux, and every single person that stopped in to support the team, and wish us well on our trip, I thank you and hope to share as much of this trip as possible with you while abroad.


One response to “Soiree

  1. Best of EVERYTHING to the fine Young Dudes who will represent Castleton State College in Europe, while on their Hockey Soiree. I know many of these wonderful young men and wish them safe travels. Every one of them is a WINNER!!!!

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