So You Want to Plan a Trip to Europe!

Ever dream of being a travel agent?

Me neither, and Alex would attest to this, but it sure feels like that has been our job these past few weeks. Many of us dream and hope to visit Europe at some point in our lives. Most of us would go with our family, our friends, our better halfs. Imagine then, trying to schedule, notify, reschedule, and notify again 29 hockey players, coaches, fans, and family members of their travel plans for Europe.

This is something our coaching staff has had to do many times over in our planning for this once in a life time trip. Add on the scheduling of 4 games, flights, travel to and from the airport, meals, and baggage, and you have quite the task on your hands.

Since making the switch from playing to coaching, I have had the chance to take part in all the hard work that a coaching staff does to make sure things like this run smoothly. Whether its gathering passports, or weighing baggage, Alex and I have done it all. We really want this trip to be the best experience for all those involved.

Tomorrow night we have our last practice and video session in preparation for the  games we will play in Europe. We have spent the better part of the past three weeks on and off the ice teaching systems and getting the guys in game shape. The games in Europe will give us a chance to evaluate the team and players individually. But make no mistake, we are going there to win. Surely these games will be fun and an experience that we may never have again, but the competitiveness in us all will definitely shine.

We hope that all of you follow along with us on our journey that we can provide you with some insight in to our experiences over in Europe!

FYI..we are traveling old school to the airport, look for us in the big yellow school bus!


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